BRS is fortunate to have worked over the years with some of the world's great automotive brands. One of the biggest lessons learned in this has been that while the automotive industry likes to think in very rational terms about itself and the products it makes, consumers tend to think of the vehicles they use, and the dealerships that support them, in a wide variety of ways, from very rational to very emotive. We enjoy conducting automotive research precisely because it needs to mediate between these different positions, between the rational outlook of the auto industry and the much more diffuse needs and desires of consumers. BRS has become skilled in custom-designing automotive projects and while we offer a full array of research methodologies we specialize in three areas:

Conducting research among owners of fine automobiles:

In the $100,000 plus category of the market, the dynamics for conducting research and indeed for understanding what's important to consumers tend to be quite distinct. We know what to do in these situations, and we can find the owners to talk with.

Designing and conducting vehicle clinics:

We have been running for a number of years quite large vehicle clinics in the US, often as part of larger international studies for import manufacturers.

Designing mixed-approach studies to get at really complex issues:

This might involve driving with people in their own vehicles, then giving them a test vehicle to drive and filming the results, or it might involve a series of focus groups with people outdoors in an off-road environment.