The beauty of having a website is that customers can find you with a couple of key strokes. But they can leave just as fast if their experience on your site is unsatisfactory. Usability testing offers a fast and affordable way to smooth out all the bumps and assure that visitors to your website will have a positive experience.

Understanding cultural context is the starting point for any holistic exploration of the consumer. Our world is full of signs and symbols that have inherent meaning. These signs and symbols reflect and shape how we think about brands and products, from the structured world of printed text, advertising and packaging, to the unstructured blogosphere.

Listening means going to consumers where they are and hearing about what matters to them. Seeing their world. Listening to how they speak. Engaging in dialogue.




What is a persona? A shorthand for uncovering the complexities of the dynamic tableau that is a target segment, and for illuminating a segment’s dramatic, real-world, compelling characteristics. A way to showcase the target as real people, with depth and understanding for who they are and what their lives are like.


Automotive Opinion Piece



by: Lorne McMillan
Managing Partner

Some Unintended Consequences of Automotive Brand Alliances - how consumers react to this, and why a Chrysler/Fiat alliance might be a good thing.

Ethnography Within Consumer Research: A Critical Case of Consumer Film Festivals


by: Lorne McMillan
Managing Partner

A paper published in 2007 which is a critique of a technique used by BRS and Xbox to get deeper into ethnographic research that sought to collect creative material from consumers across different languages and cultures.

Time for a New Model?: The Ignored Importance of Brands in the American Auto Industry


by: Lorne McMillan
Managing Partner

This article makes the case that two significant contributors to the decline of American automotive companies are an under-appreciation of the role of branding coupled with a squandering of brand equity through badge engineering.