BRS has worked in over 25 countries around the world over the last few years. Many research and consulting companies do this, but we believe we have an edge here because we see both sides of the international equation:

  • we commission research suppliers abroad for US clients, and travel to those countries to ensure project quality.
  • but we also conduct research in the US for clients based overseas, who often travel to watch the work here.

This allows us a fully rounded perspective on what’s really important to ensure success with international research projects, for example:

  • we know the vital role translators play in qualitative work when we’re listening to groups in a foreign city, how this can make or break the research experience.
  • we know for any given country whether we can source a reliable panel for online work or need local ‘boots on the ground’ for face-to-face interviewing.

Our collective international experience allows us to:

  • know when to use a small specialized local supplier in another country or the office of one of the multinational agency groups.
  • bring together small teams of suppliers in different countries that we know well.
  • grow ongoing trading relationships with research companies in Europe and Asia.
  • plug into and support international researcher communities that offer particular specialties.

If you want to do ethnographies in Seoul or conjoint work in Denmark, or just want some steer on how to do research internationally, contact us at