Lorne McMillan

Lorne McMillan is a career marketing researcher who has worked in Europe and the U.S. and now has over 20 years of hands-on project experience. He joined The BRS Group in 1996 from Research International in the UK, where he was Worldwide Director of Automotive Research.

In terms of research expertise, he is equally at home using quantitative or qualitative approaches to issues, and has particular skills in packaging research, branding and positioning research. He is fortunate in that the categories in which he works tend to reflect his interests, and include automobile, alcoholic beverages, packaged goods and software entertainment.

Lorne takes a particular delight in interviewing people in the context that the research demands, and this has included teen console video gamers in their basements, drinkers of premium vodka in their favorite bars and sports car owners driving round their own neighborhoods.

Lorne holds an honors degree in Humanities from a college in London, England.