With our proximity to Silicon Valley, BRS has been honored to be a research partner to technology companies for better than two decades. “Technology” is a wide remit, encompassing consumer electronics, mobile platforms, and enterprise software, and the breadth of our experience reflects our involvement across this landscape.

High tech has a cultural tendency to introspection. Many technology companies are better at talking to their own industry than they are at talking to their actual or potential customers. This is both a challenge for research and a reward that comes from doing our job well. Few things are as rewarding in our business as having marketing and engineering teams come to a common understanding of their customer in the back room at a focus group.

A sample of the types of projects we undertake in this area:

  • Understanding how CIOs and CTOs make decisions about enterprise software solutions
  • Understanding power-user needs for next-generation productivity software
  • Usability studies for computer input peripherals
  • Benefit laddering for design software among engineers and architects
  • Messaging and positioning research for enterprise network security solutions
  • Projecting probable future adoption of emerging consumer technology in the communications and social networking space
  • Longitudinal deep dive to understand how consumers’ usage and satisfaction with a new computing device evolves over time
  • Mapping out consumers’ decision process for mobile phone carrier selection