For the entire history of the company, we have been deeply involved in researching wine and spirits, from table wines to sparkling wines, scotch whisky to brandy, and virtually everything else you’d find behind the bar of a restaurant, in the basement of a connoisseur, or in the kitchen cupboard of a typical suburban home.

We cover the full spectrum of research: new product development, usage and attitude, tracking studies, segmentation, taste testing, advertising, branding, packaging, labeling, naming, positioning and trend analysis. We have worked on domestic and import brands for global conglomerates, small entrepreneurial vintners and everyone in between.

We talk with consumers, distributors, retailers, restaurateurs and the media, employing a range of qualitative and quantitative techniques from the traditional to the innovative. Certain projects call for focus groups, telephone interviews, or quantitative tracking, while others lend themselves to ethnographies, in-home parties, on-premise interviews, online bulletin boards or online label testing.

We understand the role that wines and spirits play in the lives of consumers. We dig deep into the psychology of alcoholic beverage purchases and consumption at all price points. We're as comfortable speaking with the consumer of $3.99 wines as we are with the collector of fine burgundies.